Pirate Magic show

Ahoy thar Mateys. Yo Ho Ho and a juice box. Meet Captain Winston! The funniest pirate your kids will ever meet! Join Captain Winston on an exciting voyage into magic! More than just a costume character—this is a full one hour pirate magic show filled with treasure chests, treasure maps, pirate stories, a magical monkey and a playful parrot (both puppets) and his first mate a real live rabbit. He’ll also turn the birthday child into a pirate. And when he’s finished he has balloon sculptures for all the children and a very special one for the birthday child.

So before you have to walk the plank, hire Captain Winston for your next party.


The fee for the Pirate Magic Birthday show is $200 for a 60 minute show in the Fresno-Clovis area. If it's out of town there is a small charge for mileage.