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Standard Birthday Party Magic Show

For kid's parties and family events, you want entertainment that's visual, easy to understand, and (of course) extremely funny. You don't want someone who just recycles old "jokes" the kids won't understand. Children love  situational comedy, where crazy stuff happens and everyone enjoys the fun. 

You want someone who's spent years working on and perfecting their programs, preferably someone's who's performed thousands of times in front of live audiences. You don't want a part-time entertainer, you want someone who's good enough to work as a FULL-TIME Kid Show Professional!

Only by hiring an experienced professional who specializes in children's entertainment can you be certain you'll get the quality and value  your family deserves.

My name is "WINSTON" and for over 30 years I’ve dedicated my time and talents to making life easier for Moms and Dads all across the United States. 

So how do I do this?

By blending comedy, magic, music, puppets, and balloon animals into a totally unique, one-of-a-kind, party fun extravaganza your child, your family, and your entire neighborhood will NEVER forget!

The fee for the Birthday Magic show is $200 for a 60 minute show in the Fresno-Clovis area. If it's out of town there is a small charge for mileage.

Wizard Magic Show---Standard

Dressed in a medieval wizard's costume, Winston the Wizard will astound "muggle" audiences with this wizard themed magic show. Tales of dragons, never-ending magic potions, and amazing chemical experiments are just some of the illusions proving the impossible is possible when you are a true wizard. Winston has dug through his grandfathers old wizard's trunk and found some very puzzling tricks, some that even he can't explain. This show wouldn't be complete without a magical appearance by a live bunny. And at the end of the program, Winston has balloon animals for all of the children, plus a very special one for the birthday child. 

Wizard Magic Show--Princess Themed

  This time Winston the Wizard presents a princess themed magic show featuring  tricks based on you favorite princesses and princes. Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzal, the Frog Prince and others. He'll even try to turn your special birthday child into a princess. And as above there's a magical appearance by a live bunny, and balloon animals for all of the children ,and a very special balloon sculpture for the birthday child. 

Pirate Themed Magic Show

Ahoy thar Mateys. Yo Ho Ho and a juice box. Meet Captain Winston! The funniest pirate your kids will ever meet! Join Captain Winston on an exciting voyage into magic! More than just a costume character—this is a full one hour pirate magic show filled with treasure chests, treasure maps, pirate stories, a magical monkey and a playful parrot (both puppets) and his first mate, a real live rabbit. He’ll also turn the birthday child into a pirate. And when he’s finished he has balloon sculptures for all the children and a very special one for the birthday child.    

So before you have to walk the plank, hire Captain Mad Jack for your next party.

Superhero Themed Magic Show

Winston comes to your party and presents a fun filled Superhero Themed Magic Shows. Featuring tricks about their favorite Superheroes. Batman, Spider-man, Wonder Woman, Iron Man and many more.

Holiday Magic Shows

The Holiday Magic Shows features magic with different Holiday themes. 

Get the holidays started with fun! 

We offer Christmas, Easter, and Halloween themed shows.